Hibachi Dinner Entrées

Served with clear soup, vegetables, salad and fried rice
**Hibachi grilled foods are reserved for patrons seated at the grill. Other meat or seafood hibachi combinations available upon reques

Hibachi Vegetarian $14.95
Hibachi Chicken $16.95
Hibachi Steak* $20.95
Hibachi Salmon* $19.95
Hibachi Shrimp $21.95
Hibachi Scallops* $23.95
Hibachi Tuna* $24.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon* $24.95
Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp $22.50

Hibachi Chicken & Steak* $24.95
Hibachi Steak & Shrimp* $25.95
Hibachi Shrimp & Scallops* $25.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon & Shrimp* $29.95
Kenji Special* $27.95
steak, chicken and shrimp
Kyoto Special* $35.95
steak, lobster and shrimp
Sea of Japan* $37.95
lobster, shrimp and scallop

$8.50 additional charge for shared meals. Comes with additional soup, salad and fried rice. Add Extra Hibachi Fried Rice $2.50

Hibachi Side Order

Only with Hibachi Main Entrée

Hibachi Chicken $6.95
Hibachi Lobster $14.75
Hibachi Shrimp $7.95

Hibachi Salmon* $8.95
Hibachi Steak* $9.25
Hibachi Scallops* $11.95

Kids Hibachi

Served with clear soup, vegetables, salad and fried rice

Kid’s Hibachi Chicken $10.95
Kid’s Hibachi Salmon* $14.95
Kid’s Hibachi Shrimp $11.95

Kid’s Hibachi Chicken & Steak* $16.95
Kid’s Hibachi Steak* $12.95
Kid’s Hibachi Steak & Shrimp* $17.95



Tuesday - Friday

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5pm - 10pm Dinner

12pm - 10pm


12pm - 9pm


11740 West Broad Street, Suite 102B Richmond, VA 23233



tel. 804.364.1788

To our Valued Customers, kitchen is closed 15 minutes prior to closing.


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